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Hard Floor Cleaning service in London

Hard Floor Cleaning service in London

Hard flooring can be difficult to maintain without professional care. While sweeping and mopping provides temporary relief, proper maintenance includes a targeted treatment to the type and traffic of the flooring. AZ Precision offers hard floor cleaning for both home and businesses, with the ability to treat vinyl, natural stone, marble, granite, and wood flooring. With over 10 years of valuable experience, our team can easily recognize and suggest the best treatment option for your flooring.

Maintenance of hard flooring can ensure a high-quality look, while also providing the strength and durability to last for years to come. In addition, the removal of dirt and bacteria found in cracks and crevices of your floors will keep your home or office both clean and healthy.

Our services are designed to enhance the colour and texture of the floors, while preserving their natural appearance. AZ Precision is proud to offer hard floor cleaning services that include:

  • Stripping: (Removing of old polish, wax or varnish)
  • Stain Removal: (The following spots and stains can be treated: food, drink, oil, metal, rust, mildew, etc. using a special stain remover.)
  • Polishing: (Apply a compound to remove hazing, water spots, minor starches and etching, to leave a high reflective finish)

With regular maintenance plans available, we’ll work around your schedule to keep your floors looking brand new. With evening and weekend services offered, we serve houses, apartments, restaurants, hotels, offices, showrooms, and shops. No matter your line of business, we’ll customize your hardwood care to fit your needs.

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All cleaning materials and equipment are included in the price.

*Stain removal with professional detergents is also included in the price.

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